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 Multiplayer Dungeons

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PostSubject: Multiplayer Dungeons   Wed Dec 26, 2012 5:49 am

Most of the items that you see in solo dungeon will appear in multiplayer dungeon as well. However, instead of normal white and green equipment, you will typically get green and blue as normal drops, with the chance of getting purple as the rare loot. Below are some of the additional features in multiplayer dungeon.

Summoner will create a group of dopple gangers that mirrors your team exactly. You will have to beat the team with great strategy. In general, if your team has 1 or 2 strong mages, you can kill your dopples fairly easily with good AoE spells. It costs 3 skeleton keys to summon the doppleganger team. If you win the Wartune summoner battle, you will earn 1 crystaloid for each member of your team.

Traps and Switches
In some parts of the game, you will need more than 1 party member to unlock the switch. For the Wartune multi dungeon, the entire team is transported to the new map if the majority of the players are at the portal. For example, 3 person at the portal can teleport the fourth player. This makes it essential to wait for other players if they are still getting their loot from elite monsters.
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Multiplayer Dungeons
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